Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council
Limerick & Waterboro, Maine
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LACC emerged as a volunteer group that had been involved in research, action and outreach to other lake communities over the past 3-5 years.   Our origins can be traced back to another volunteer organization known as MAG Force which was formed as a Milfoil Action Group.  From the MAG Force effort, Lake Arrowhead Community’s Board realized that additional and focused action needed to begin before an invasive species over took Lake Arrowhead .  To address their concerns, the Board of LAC formed the Lake Improvement Committee. Utilizing volunteer efforts and partnering with the DEP, COLA and Maine VLMP, we focused on researching appropriate methods of dealing with invasive plants, planning and testing methods for invasive plant management, protecting resources from further infestation through boat ramp monitoring, and educating group members on efforts used by other conservation groups.  Realizing that additional funding would be required, and having no eligible way for applying,  we began the steps to form LACC,  a 501 © (3) Tax exempt organization which would be eligible for grants and tax free donations.  This Formal Board, By-laws and LACC group has just been formed within the past 3 months and is proceeding down the regulatory filing road.

One initial founder sought and secured, the 15 –20 presently active members. These new members have taken leadership in forming the Board and Bylaws and other necessary items to create and sustain this LACC group. In the past year, he was appointed to sit on the board of the Congress of Lake Associations in Maine (COLA).  With an active leadership group of about 8 people, including the formal board members, there are another 7 community citizens remain active in meetings, lake cleanup efforts and other volunteer outings.  An additional 80 members remain on our current email communications list. Although not initiated yet, our by-laws were written to include active solicitation of members.  Plans are to use NEGEF funds to conduct a membership campaign with conservative goals of membership fees over the next two years.


All members of this group are volunteers; we have no paid positions or staff. One member of LACC is a current selectman in town of Waterboro (elected) and another member was on the city council of Augusta, the state capital (elected).    We have a current active email list of over 50 people.  Of these we typically can activate approximately 15-20 volunteers for projects such as lake clean up and benthic barrier applications.  Funding from NEGEF will assist us in reaching out to over 3000 residents and landowners.   Lake Arrowhead remains one of the largest Lake Communities in the State of Maine

Efforts to date have included the following:                     
  • Hand harvesting and milfoil rake harvesting in coves and easy access areas.
  • Securing NO WAKE and MILFOIL marker buoys from the DEP and deploying them on the lake yearly.
  • Established a communication channel with Maine Renewables, owner of Ledgemere Dam. Provide updates which are posted on the LAC website.
  • Applying 5 Benthic Barriers (plastic sheets applied temporarily to lake bottoms to cut off sunlight needed for milfoil growth)
  • LAC closing down all boat ramps except one into Lake Arrowhead
  • Inspecting for milfoil on boats in and out of the lake at the public boat ramp thru DEP grants
  • Joined Maine VLMP (Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program) and a LACC volunteer measures the water quality on Lake Arrowhead according to a specified schedule.
  • Formation of a non profit - 501 © (3) conservation council to help preserve the lake
  • Joining the statewide Congress of lake associations in Maine (COLA)