The 50/50 Raffle is one of our largest fundraisers each year.  

We only sell a maximum of 500 numbered tickets at $20 per ticket.  We did not have the raffle last year (2020) due to Covid.  However, in 2019, we sold all 500 tickets!

We will start selling raffle tickets in June, and the drawing will be held at the LACC Annual Meeting which is scheduled for Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 9:00am at the Lake Arrowhead Community, clubhouse 2 located at 206 Old Portland Road, North Waterboro, Maine.

The prizes will be as follows:        1st prize – 30% of the total ticket sales

                                                                 2nd prize – 15% of the total ticket sales

                                                                  3rd prize – 5% of the total ticket sales

50% of the total ticket sales minus expenses will go to LACC for its charitable purposes.

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, they will be available after June 1st and you can contact Tracie Doyle at

 Date:  8/28/2021 

 Time: 9:00 am