Amazon Smile

Dear Members,

I was disappointed to hear that AmazonSmile is winding down their nonprofit donation program. You may have already received the notification, but I want to personally thank everyone who purchased goods on the AmazonSmile website.  Since September of 2017 we received $1,227.15 in donations from Amazon.  When we began, we were receiving $20-$25 per quarter, but over time that grew to around $100 per quarter.  We will miss this program!  

Thanks again for all of your support!

Jean Burke, Treasurer

Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council

JD’s Bottle Drive

Our bottle drive is hosted by JD’s Package Store & Redemption Center in Waterboro.  The program was a terrific fundraising tool that was started by Elaine & Gerry Francis, former residents of Lake Arrowhead Community, in 2013.  The first few years we collected $100-$200. 

Kathy Hart took over in 2016 after Elaine and Gerry retired and moved away.  Kathy began to promote the program on Facebook and last year we collected over $800.  Next time you recycle your bottles and cans, think of donating them to LACC.  Just bring them to JD’s.  Instead of collecting the money at the store, let the clerk know you want to make the donation to LACC.  They will keep your receipt on hand and periodically present a check to LACC.

Please participate in this simple fundraiser.  It not only helps to support our DASH program, but it also does a great service to keep these items out of our landfills.



13 Sokokis Trail (Route 5), East Waterboro, ME 04030


Mon.-Sun. 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.