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The mission of the Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council through fundraising, government grants and member donations is to protect and conserve the natural resources of Lake Arrowhead, specifically targeting the prevention and control of invasive aquatic plants and animals in our waterbody.

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Notice of Upcoming Lake Level Reduction by 4.5 Feet
Beginning on October 10, 2022

Ledgemere Hydro, LLC hereby provides notice of an upcoming flashboard and dam crest inspection and maintenance event at the Ledgemere Hydroelectric Project located on Lake Arrowhead. This requires a reduction in typical lake level by approximately 4.5 feet.
This event is proactive in nature and will improve overall flashboard system viability to minimize the chance of an unplanned flashboard failure. An unplanned flashboard failure could result in a rapid decrease in lake level without prior notice, and potentially at an undesirable time.
Beginning on October 10, 2022, the typical lake level will be lowered by approximately 4.5 feet. In the interest of public safety, the boat launch will be closed with posted signage when lake lowering begins and for the full duration of the low water conditions. Boats and other watercrafts that require launch usage for removal should be removed from the lake prior to October 10, 2022.
The lower lake level will provide an opportunity for property owners to perform maintenance activities more easily on docks and other shoreline features. For planning purposes, the lake will remain at the lowest level for at least one week (i.e., from October 10, 2022 through October 17, 2022). Depending on inspection observations and required maintenance, the lowest lake level may remain for up to one additional week (i.e., October 17, 2022 through October 24, 2022).
Ledgemere Hydro will provide schedule updates throughout the process including when:
1) The lowest lake level is initially reached
2) An estimate of low water duration is available
3) Work is complete and lake refill begins
4) Lake refill is complete
Ledgemere Hydro will request additional water releases from upstream entities that govern releases into Lake Arrowhead, if feasible, to minimize lake refill time. The time required to refill the lake will depend on weather conditions at the time and may take two weeks or more to reach the typical level.
Should you have any questions, please contact Matthew Nini at [email protected] with a copy to Greg Freeman ([email protected]), or call Matthew at 609-915-0423.
Ledgemere Hydro sincerely appreciates your cooperation and attention to this matter.

We suggest that all boat owners remove their boats prior to October 10th.




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