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The mission of the Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council through fundraising, government grants and member donations is to protect and conserve the natural resources of Lake Arrowhead, specifically targeting the prevention and control of invasive aquatic plants and animals in our waterbody.

⇒ Update from Mike Fitzpatrick (10/7/2021 see  below) ⇒ Click  NEWS ALERTS tab for newest information.  A new invasive plant was found blooming in Lake Arrowhead. Utricularia inflata ⇒  {View the Limwater DASH crew in front of the 2021 Season Milfoil Yield!}  ⇒ Check out our LACC Gear page! 

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LACC Update October 7, 2021

Hello LACC Members:

Happy Fall!  The colors around the shoreline are starting to really pop and advertise the colder weather is coming. Wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the state of LACC.

At our annual meeting the membership voted to allocate financial resources to upgrading our outboard motor on the Arrowhead due to the transmission failure.  I was approved to seek out a new outboard up to 20k.  Fortunately, a member had a contact at a marina in NH.  When I called, they knew of LACC and the milfoil fight.  I explained the situation regarding our motor and eventually wanting to replace both old motors.  To my pleasant surprise, they had a 60HP and a 40HP outboard available.  As we spoke, the owner said let me see what he could do for both engines!  We got lucky, for just around 17k we were able to purchase two brand new Yamaha outboards, controls and props!  The LAC crew took one of their personal vehicles and trailers and picked up both outboards and returned to the shop.  I was informed this morning that the Arrowhead is now back in the water and the motor mounted.  LAC’s Bill Roberts installed the motor and tested it out while the crew removed the swimming markers and buoys throughout the lake and gave it the thumbs up!

So where are we with Harvestings?  Our normal day after Labor Day end did not happen this year.  Fortunately, we had two divers still available and we put them to good use.  They are still in the water harvesting Naiad and Milfoil daily.  They have worked with Deb and Dale removing Naiad as they survey and mark the plants.  Using our stainless, mess lined barrel has worked well, and we believe it has been easier to identify and mark the locations this time of year versus the summer.  Probably because they are a bit larger and stand out better.  The additional good news is our other two divers are returning from Balch lake this coming Monday and we will continue to run both harvesters until Thanksgiving.  The Friday after, both boats will come out and be stored for the season.  Our second motor will probably be installed over the winter.  This will mark our longest season of harvesting to date.  CBI continues weekends at Ledgemere Dam weekends in October.

With all this effort, we are spending money.  I just wanted to remind members we did a second billing to around 30 members a few weeks ago who have not renewed their membership this year. All this activity takes time and money, to those of you who did not renew this year, please get your membership dues in.  It is rewarding for us to know you are all behind this effort.

Be safe and have an enjoyable off season…..

 Best from the Lake,

Mike Fitzpatrick



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