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The mission of the Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council through fundraising, government grants and member donations is to protect and conserve the natural resources of Lake Arrowhead, specifically targeting the prevention and control of invasive aquatic plants and animals in our waterbody.

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LACC Update January 2022

Hello LACC Members:

Happy New Year. .. .It’s 4 degrees this morning as I write to you as we prepare to send out our annual membership dues notice. A far cry from the warm summer months when we could enjoy our lake and all it offers.

I just want you to know what we’ve done this past year and why your dues are so important. First, we completed the longest operational season in our history. What is normally a 10-12-week season, we stretched it out to 26 weeks! But the fact is we needed to run that long this year due to the growth of milfoil from the previous summer where our lake saw unprecedented use due to COVID restrictions. With that long a run, we did drain our payroll accounts, so I really need to stress how important it is for folks to remit their annual membership as soon as possible. We do need to create an operational budget and knowing what our members are contributing goes a long way in planning.

Additionally, this past fall we were able to purchase two new outboards for our DASH boats. This transaction came in right around 18k for both. We now have two new four stroke motors that are much more environmentally friendly and reflect what a conservation group should look like versus a couple of old 2 strokes spewing exhaust and fumes all about the lake! These monies were all raised through our various fundraisers throughout the years. The Board also approved an expenditure to provide one back-up air system for the boats. As I’ve said before, if we don’t have it on the shelf to replace
the broken part, we are tied to the dock.

As you all know, Naiad or Brittle Naiad was found in Lake Arrowhead last year by Lake Arrowhead Community member Debbie Broderick. Deb has found another plant that is being considered as an invasive by the DEP over the winter. The plant is bladder wart and seems to have been found in a few coves. The DEP isn’t saying it’s an invasive … but we are waiting for their final opinion.

Our new web site is up and running … please visit the site and use that as a means to contact any of us. You can now pay your dues or make a contribution via the website and PayPal.

Fundraising was a great success this year, well except BINGO which was cancelled! The Golf Tournament and 50/50 came in neck and neck as the number 1 fundraiser…. bragging rights is important to these folks who put in all the efforts! Please say thanks to Phil Oreto and Tracie Doyle for making those two activities fun for all of us.
Also, the efforts that go into planning the Fishing Tournaments and the Annual Calendar cannot go un-noticed. Both enrich all of us by focusing on the activities we enjoy on the lake. Thanks to Kellie and Shannon for these fundraisers.

As I wrap this up, I ask that you please renew your dues to LACC in a timely manner this year. We can only run if our budget lasts. Some members did not renew last year but we did receive new members. We’ve held our waterfront member dues at $100 again for this year. It’s our lake and our homes are our assets. Please help LACC out this year with your tax-deductible donation. Any additional donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Mike Fitzpatrick

LACC- President



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