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The mission of the Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council through fundraising, government grants and member donations is to protect and conserve the natural resources of Lake Arrowhead, specifically targeting the prevention and control of invasive aquatic plants and animals in our waterbody.

⇒ Save the date for Lake Arrowhead’s 16th annual charity golf tournament! (FUND RAISING EVENTS) Friday, July 19, 2024 ⇒  Boater safety requirement for 2024 (See below)  ⇒   Milfoil treatment   ⇒ New law impacting boaters, paddlers, anglers, and any other watercraft users:   

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Hi Members – LACC is looking for Paddlers to participate with monitoring and identifying invasive plants….  A note from the Lake Stewards of Maine with more information and a link for training sessions.

Greetings Fellow IPPers!

This email contains information and important IPP program updates that we hope you will find useful as you prepare for your invasive aquatic plant screening surveys this summer.

 Thank you once again for becoming a certified member of Maine’s Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP). Thanks to you, and hundreds of other trained and certified patrollers like you, Maine has one of the largest and most active citizen-based invasive aquatic plant monitoring programs in the nation! If there is anything we can do to help you throughout the coming season, please do not hesitate to contact us! Always be safe on the water and enjoy being back on (and in) Maine lakes!

 -Roberta & Drew

 Below are some links to resources we hope you will find useful as you prepare for the the 2022 monitoring season:

 • 2022 Screening Survey Documentation – LSM’s standardized forms for reporting an invasive aquatic plant (IAP) screening survey, IAP mapping survey, suspicious plants or organisms, as well as the volunteer contribution tracking form and certification form are all located here. To learn more about submitting your data electronically via the Survey 123 App, please click here.

 • IPP Leaders Page – Designed to provide resources, technical support and sharing opportunities for all who are working to support Invasive Plant Patrol programs in Maine. IAP Survey Summary Sheets for IPP Team Leaders and IPP Regional Leaders are available in the IPP Team section, and much more. You can find it all here. Please visit periodically to see what’s new!

Maine Lake Search on Lakes of Maine – Find useful info on every lake in the program using the Maine Lake Search feature. Visit to discover other IPPs on your lake, when and what types of IAP surveys have been conducted, a cumulative list of native plants reported, and if your lake has an active water quality monitor. Need to download a depth map? Forgot your certification number? You’ll find these there as well! 

 • Maine Field Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants – Can’t find your Field Guide? You can view the Maine Field Guide online and save a copy to your computer.

 • 2022 Invasive Plant Patrol Training Schedule – 

This summer we are offering two types of in-person workshops: Live Plant IDs and Invasive Plant Paddles. You can find descriptions of these workshops, our workshop schedule, and links for registration here and scroll down to the 2022 Invasive Plant Patrol Training section.

 • Online Technical Support Sessions – Please join us for one or more technical support sessions this summer! In the IPPer Zoom Room we discuss all things IPP, whereas in the Botanizers Circle the focus is strictly on aquatic plants (beginners welcome ~ no plant identification skills needed). Click here and scroll down to “Training, Networking, and Technical Support Opportunities” to learn more and to register for a session.

 Finally, if you or someone you know wishes to become a Certified Invasive Plant Patroller, or wants a refresher, please share and/or click here and scroll to “Invasive Plant Patrol Online Course.” (We will be updating the website with the recently recorded 2022 webinars shortly!)

 • The Hunt for Aquatic Invaders – LSM’s award winning documentary, featuring the Moosehead Lake IPP Jump Start Team, is available on the LSM website here. The Hunt is also available on DVD; contact us to order; $10 plus shipping & handling.

 • Maine Field Guide to Aquatic Phenomena – We welcome you to search a wide array of aquatic FLORA, FAUNA, and OTHER LAKE PHENOMENA from any of your devices, and urge you to join us in the ongoing development of this crowd-sourced compendium. The current catalog provides a great start, but still far from complete! With your help, the catalog will be continually updated with new information and photos, and expanded to include many new phenomena. Find it here.

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