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The mission of the Lake Arrowhead Conservation Council through fundraising, government grants and member donations is to protect and conserve the natural resources of Lake Arrowhead, specifically targeting the prevention and control of invasive aquatic plants and animals in our waterbody.

1.  Update from Mike Fitzpatrick (see  below)  2. Click  NEWS ALERTS tab for newest information. 3. Check out our LACC Gear page!  (located under FUND RAISING EVENTS)  4. The Arrowhead Prop Busters  2021 open tournament is currently scheduled for Saturday, August 21, 2021 from 7:00am until 3:00pm. 


Learn more about Naiad, Milfoil, CBI and Fundraising Events by clicking on the items above. 

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Hi Lake Arrowhead Friends:

Welcome to our new web site.  As we launch, we will be adding more content as appropriate and becomes available.  The thrust of this new site is to provide more information to our members regarding our new-found threat Naiad in addition to Variable Leaf Milfoil. Additionally, Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) information will be available.

I would like to extend our thanks to the Maine DEP for their Rapid Response Program, Lake Stewards of Maine, Laurie Callahan from YCIASP and our LAC members Debbie Broderick and Dale Shultz.  All have been extremely helpful and graciously allowed us to use photos, links and reference information as we evolve our new website.

Please look around and provide any pertinent feedback using the Contact Us section.  If you have any photo’s you would like to share, please reach out. 

Our hope is the site becomes an educational tool as well as a community resource. 




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