Donations from Arrowhead Prop Busters

A local fishing club called the Arrowhead Prop Busters holds an open fishing tournament each year on Lake Arrowhead and makes a donation to LACC from this tournament. 

They donated $915 from the 2021 open tournament held on Saturday, August 21, 2021. 

Thanks to Shannon Doyle and APB for their generosity.

Pictures coming soon.



LACC has sponsored an open invitation golf  Tournament for the past 13 years to help raise funds.  The tournament started in 2009 with 8 volunteers that decided to play a round together at Province Lake golf course.  Over time it has grown to as many as 75 players and become one of the largest annual fundraisers for the non-profit.  Province Lake continues to host the tournament and has really helped it grow by coordinating a shotgun start, sponsor signage, and special events (who remembers the “driving cannon”?).  The tournament is normally scheduled every third Friday of July.  The event held July 16, 2021 raised 4,861.15 for LACC!  Participants got a great round with friends, a welcome gift, other prizes, and a delicious BBQ lunch on-site.  And most importantly, the tournament after party has helped build a great group of friends that not only look forward to the event each year, but also celebrate other events throughout the year.  Check out photos from past years events and be sure to sign up to play in 2022! 

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Due to the pandemic and limits on players, Lake Arrowhead hosted its first ever LACC “Invitational Golf Tournament”. This year’s event was much smaller with less frills than past years. However, 40 returning players enjoyed a great day on the course and a great lunch hosted by Province Lake Golf Club. We made the best of a bad year and still raised $2,084.12 for the cause! Next year’s event is scheduled for July 16, 2021. Province Lake continues to support our effort as they continue to rebuild their facilities from the 2018 fire. Hopefully, next year we can get back to a more “normal” event! By: Phil Oreto 

In 2020, LACC obtained a Bingo License for a monthly game the third Saturday of each month. The event was hosted in January and February and was then unfortunately shut down by the pandemic. At this time, there is no plan to restart this event. We will reassess for 2021. By: Phil Oreto 

Phil Oreto presented the report for the Golf Tournament which was held on Friday, July 19th at the Province Lake Golf Course. We had the most players ever at 69 players and made a record profit of $3,750. (62% increase over 2018). We had increased sponsorship for the event and Beth Howard helped. Beth obtained, 17 sponsors. Most of the growth for the event was due to Beth. We are going to focus on growing sponsorship next year and we are going to work with the LAC vendor list to help with sponsorship. The goal is $5,000 next year. The golf course will need to raise their rates next year. Maybe we can form a golf committee to help with discussions. We are already starting to plan the 2020 event Stay tuned for more details.

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Phil Oreto presented the report for the new fundraiser, BINGO. Bingo is in its third year already. We host games every third Saturday of the month. We are averaging 25-40 players per month and $150 per event. We are paying Beth Howard to run the program. There was no objection to Phil extending the permit until the end of the year.